Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

Whenever a new year rolls around, people always look for something new to add to their life. Whether that be a new years resolution or the urge to redecorate their home, there are so many positive changes that you can make to your life. Up and down the country, many of us own a traditional home but long for a modern look instead. You might be looking for a contemporary look because its current appearance is outdated, or you might even be looking to achieve this look because you’re spending more time working from home and want to work in a nicer environment. It’s not as simple as just saying you want a modern home, it can be difficult to know exactly what additions you can make to your living space to achieve this effect. If you’re stuck with what improvements you can make to your home to make it look more modern, then this is the blog for you!

It goes without saying that we want to live in a home that we can ultimately be proud of and feel comfortable in, so it’s important that you consider all different sorts of options. Whether it be installing modern electric fireplaces or replacing your dated light fixtures, here are just a few ways you can make your home look more modern this year!


The benefits of adding a conservatory to your home are somewhat endless. Not only does it enhance the appearance of your home, but it also provides you with extra space whilst allowing natural light to permeate through the rest of your home. Conservatories are actually now built with all the latest mod cons too. For instance, you don’t need to worry about your conservatory getting too cold in the winter months because they can be fitted with double glazing and solar glass. The conservatory doesn’t just need to be used as a relaxing space which connects your garden area to the inside of your home, but it can be used for so much more. Whether it be a home office, entertainment room or a home gym, the possibilities are endless! Conservatories also come in a variety of different shapes and sizes too, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find a conservatory that doesn’t completely complement the rest of your home.

Lighting is Key

It might go under the radar, but the lighting and the lighting units in your home can make a significant difference to the overall ambience and feel of your home. Replacing outdated fixtures with sleek new models is just one of the ways you can go modern whilst adding further value to your property. One particular lighting fixture that seems to be growing in popularity is pendant and hanging lights. These lights aren’t sought after just for its captivating and unique look, but coupling this with a dimmer switch means you can control the exact amount of light that is entering your home. In addition to pendant lights, you can also consider switching LED lighting in your home. Not only does this save you money by using less electricity, but they can also come in an array of different colours. Speaking of coloured lights, there is nothing more apt here than LED light strips. Sticking light strips around the corners of your room illuminates the room in almost any colour you can think of!

Electric Fireplace

If you like the look of a fireplace but you’re looking for a modern alternative to a wood and gas fire, then an electric fireplace could be the perfect solution. This type of fireplace isn’t just cost-effective and easier to maintain than a regular wood and gas fireplace, but it’s also energy-efficient. This is because all of the energy electrical that the fireplace produces is then converted into heat. If you’re feeling particularly comfortable, then you can control your fireplace from the comfort of your sofa by changing the settings with a remote control. With a traditional fireplace, you’ll need a chimney for it to fully operate. A benefit of a modern electric fireplace is that it can be placed anywhere in your home, without the need for a chimney. They are also generally considered safer than their traditional counterparts because they don’t require wood or gas to be burnt. At Fireplace Superstore, we provide a wide range of electric fireplaces, including brands from Be Modern, Elgin & Hall and Pureglow. View our range of electric fireplaces here.

Media Wall Fires

The world of electric fireplaces can seem like it’s constantly changing and evolving, with new features being added on a consistent basis. If you’re looking for a way to make your home look more modern, then why not consider a media wall fire? Essentially, a media wall fireplace is an electric fireplace that has been integrated into the media wall. This type of fireplace is designed by using three-sided, glass-front fuel beds. So what are some of the benefits that a media wall fire can offer that a traditional fire cannot? Find out below!

  • Space – Whilst you might be looking for ways to go modern in your home, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not looking to save some space too. One of the main benefits of a media wall fire is that you’re able to tuck any hanging cables or leads into the wall itself. Whilst cables are necessary to power our electrical devices, they don’t exactly look great and tend to take up a lot of room! Media walls also allow you to add additional storage space such as drawers, shelves and cupboards – enabling you to clear up even more room!
  • Appearance – It wouldn’t be much use suggesting something that doesn’t look good. Fortunately, a media wall electric fire is renowned for its impressive appearance. Once your friends and family come round for a gathering and see your media wall fire, they’ll certainly be left feeling jealous that they don’t own one themselves!
  • Versatility – As aforementioned, you are limited with traditional fireplaces in the sense that they cannot be used in every house. However, electric fireplaces can be used in almost any room in the house. Whether you’re looking for it to be added to a lounge, living room or bedroom, the choice is yours!

Use Plants

Using plants is nothing new and it might not seem like it makes a massive difference, but displaying flowers and plants around your house can make even the most dull spots in your house look exotic and luxurious. As well as using plant pots, it might be a good idea to mix things up by incorporating hanging plants and plant walls into your home decor. If you’re not keen on maintaining plants, then you always have the option of choosing artificial plants instead. It can be easy to forget to water plants after a long week at work, so it’s good to have the option to choose something that requires little to no maintenance.

Add Home Furnishings

Again, a simple and effective way of adding a bit of luxury to your home is by investing in different home furnishings. For instance, adding throws to furniture and beds can be a great way of enhancing the overall ambience of your living spaces. It might also be a good idea to compile any furniture that is looking like it’s on its last legs and replace it with clean furniture which exudes a stylish and contemporary look. Other additions could be introducing corner sofas into your room and updating your coffee table to match current trends.

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