Three Timeless Home Design Ideas

Home design has changed rapidly throughout history. Take a look back at some of the innovators of interior design and you’ll see exactly what we mean by this. Let’s look at the Egyptians for example. They had large open-planned spaces adorned head to toe with gold features and blue highlights. These all signified wealth and power and many of the empire’s elite people would choose this kind of design as a result. Then we have the English Medieval look which focuses on intricate design and dark red tones. The elite made their halls and chambers feel powerful and comfortable.

Of course, nowadays home design is quite different to what it used to be though there are still huge differences between style preferences and some styles which are perhaps less popular but just as effective. Many homeowners love to have an open plan space to make their homes feel light and modern. While others opt for a more cosy and personal feel with smaller rooms painted in neutral relaxing colours. The likelihood is that you have a very specific style which you like and your home is probably decorated accordingly. However, there are a few techniques which you can adopt that look brilliant in any space.

Kitchen islands

In the last ten years, kitchen islands have exploded in popularity and there’s no guessing why really. The kitchen feature is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Helping you to create a space within your home that serves both the purpose of cooking and entertaining. So, if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen then you should certainly consider adding a kitchen island to your space. This feature is set to stay fashionable for several years so you definitely won’t be making a mistake.

Electric fireplace

An electric fireplace can make your home both homely and incredibly fashionable. Whether you choose to have one in your living room, kitchen, or maybe even your master bedroom the feature will help to warm your home and transform the feel of the space. One thing for sure you should definitely browse our website to have a look at some great electric fireplace designs for your home.

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