The Pros and Cons of Hanging Your TV Over Your Fireplace

Like all technology, televisions have come a long way since their early forms – becoming slimmer and more lightweight than ever before. Because of this, people have been finding new, creative ways to place their TVs within their homes, with one of the most common placements being wall-mounted above the fireplace. Whilst this might seem like a great idea and fit with the room’s aesthetic, mounting your TV above your fireplace comes with its own set of pros and cons that you need to consider.

The Pros

1.   Visibility

Naturally, the most obvious benefit of hanging your TV over your fireplace is that it makes it highly visible. Many TVs these days have high-fidelity OLED screens which can be easily viewed from any angle without compromising picture quality and display clarity. Non-LED TVs, however, don’t have this luxury and can sometimes lack colour or seem washed out when not viewed from eye level.

Nevertheless, the central, raised positioning of a fireplace mantel means that the TV can be viewed from more parts of the room, allowing for more optimal furniture placements based on your preferences.

2.   Great Space Saver

Mounting your TV on a wall creates extra space where you would otherwise have a large TV stand. This is beneficial for those with limited room.

3.   Out of Reach

Mounting your TV high over your fireplace keeps it out of the reach of pets and children, minimising the risk of your boisterous loved ones damaging it accidentally. It also keeps those mucky hands and pawprints away from your pristine screen.

4.   Aesthetically Pleasing

Design-wise, mounting your TV over your fireplace might elevate the decor of a room. Lots of newer homes have electrical outlets behind the fireplace as standard, so it’s naturally a popular design choice.

The Cons

1.   Potential Heat Damage

Perhaps the biggest risk of hanging your TV over your fireplace is the potential for heat damage. It’s a well known fact that electronics don’t mix well with continual heat exposure. This is due to the fact that over time, temperature sensitive components will deteriorate and not function properly, thus shortening the lifespan of your TV significantly and voiding your warranty in the process.

2.   Might Stand Out Too Much

Potentially, your TV placement might take away from the other design features of your room and might be too gaudy. This can sometimes be rectified by TV screensavers that display nice images when idle, but for those who are picky about a room’s aesthetic might find a TV mounted above the fireplace too much.

3.   Neck and Eye Pain

Viewing your TV at a higher angle for extended periods of time can sometimes cause neck pain due to the unusual posture you have to maintain. It can also lead to eye strain as you might not be viewing the TV at its optimal angle. These two factors combined can lead to headaches and a sore neck.

The Choice is Yours

Mounting your TV over your fireplace all comes down to personal preference and practicality. If you’re still undecided, particularly if you have a traditional fireplace and are concerned about the heat factor, get in touch with Fireplaces & Furnishings Direct and we’ll be happy to have a chat with you regarding your options. Please get in touch with us for more information.