Specialist fireplace installation services from the Fireplace Superstore in Cheadle Hulme

Aside from the practical benefits, a magnificent fireplace will provide your home with a pleasing focal point for family and friends to gather round. Fireplace Superstore provides expert fireplace installation and stove installation services throughout Cheadle Hulme, Wilmslow, Cheshire and throughout the North West. We have a huge range of wood, electric and gas fires at our modern showroom, with over 150 live displays to browse through. Our experienced team of engineers can provide all the expert advice and help you need to choose the right fireplace for your home.

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Choose the right fuel for your stove installation

What sort of fuel will best suit your home and your lifestyle? You can choose from traditional solid fuel, efficient electrical fireplaces, economical mains gas or LPG options or environmentally friendly bio-ethanol.

What you need to consider when choosing a fireplace

The in-house engineers at the Fireplace Superstore in Cheadle Hulme can assist you with all the finer points of fireplace installation. When choosing a fireplace, you should ask yourself:

1)  What material should my fireplace be made of?

2) Is providing warmth the main consideration, or is it more for aesthetics?

3) How big is my budget for my new fireplace?

4) What style of fireplace will suit my home?

5) Which fuel is best? Gas, solid fuel or electric?

6) What class of flue have i got?

7) Do i have a chimney breast?

Why choose a conventional flue?

We all recognise conventional flues as traditional brick, stone, prefabricated or precast chimneys. These flues rely on the natural circulation of hot air to expel smoke upwards and out of the chimney.

Pre-fabricated flues

Prefabricated and precast flues feature on many modern homes and are usually made of metal. Recognisable as either a short rectangular pot, a metal cowl or as a raised ridge terminal, these flues are shallow in depth so work best with slimmer fireplaces. However, by using spacer kits or a deeper fireplace recess, they can accommodate deeper appliances.

The benefits of balanced flues

A balanced flue system is used for homes without a conventional chimney, generally via twin-wall pipe vents that lead directly to an outside wall or through the roof. Our expert in-house engineers utilise balance flue systems with a wide range of glass fronted appliances.

Power flues

There’s no chimney required with a powered flue. However, these can only be attached directly out of the rear of the appliance to an outside wall and they require a mains electricity supply. For most customers with power flues we recommend replacing these with a more simple balanced flue.

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