What Can You Buy At A Fireplace Store?

What Can You Buy At A Fireplace Store?

A fireplace can really change the whole look of a home, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere that you can relax in after a long day, impress at a party or simply use to warm up your property. The great thing is in this day and age, you can pick a fireplace option that can suit you. It could be rustic and classic, or sleek and modern. The choices of finishes, styles and fuel sources are endless. But where to shop for a new fireplace?

The experts at Fireplace and Furnishings Direct Ltd are proud to be one of the leading Fireplace Superstores in the market, combining a stellar range of products with professional installations from accredited in-house engineers.

What can you buy at Fireplace Superstore? Here’s a rundown of all of the product types we stock, including some you may not think you would be able to buy from a fireplace retailer.

What To Consider When Shopping With A Fireplace Retailer

Before picking a new fireplace out, you’ll want to consider a couple of things. The first should be what your budget is. You should always go into shopping with your budget in mind, so you don’t accidentally pick out models you can’t afford. You’ll also want to think about what style of fireplace will suit your home, taking into account the materials you want to use and whether the fireplace’s purpose is for warmth or more for aesthetics.

Flue Types

You’ll also want to consider the type of flue you have. A conventional flue is a traditional chimney made of brick, stone or other material. These flues expel smoke upwards and out of the chimney using the natural circulation of hot air. Pre-fabricated flues are usually made of metal and are found on modern new build homes. They are usually shallower in depth so are best used for slimmer fireplaces but can also accommodate deeper appliances using a spacer kit.

A balanced flue system is often used for homes without chimneys, using twin-wall pipe vents that lead to an outside wall or onto the roof. A power flue can be attached directly out of the rear of an appliance to an outside wall and requires a mains electricity supply.

Types of Fuel

Another thing to consider before shopping for a fireplace is thinking about what type of fuel you’ll be using. This will depend on your preferences, access to amenities or environmental impact. There are five main types of fuel that you can use for a fireplace:

  • Solid Fuel: The traditional option for fireplaces is burning solid fuel such as wood.
  • Electricity: Low maintenance and energy-efficient, electricity is great for those worried about fumes produced.
  • Mains Gas: This is a reliable, clean and convenient fuel for your fireplace.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG): LPG is a great heating solution for consumers without a natural gas supply.
  • Bio-Ethanol: Bioethanol is a source of heat and flames that doesn’t require a flue.

Fires & Stoves

With the fuel types in mind, we stock a great variety of fires for all fuel types. We supply a range of great, trusted brands to shop from, including Dimplex, Burley, Gazco, Be Modern and many more. The difference between a fireplace and a stove usually has to do with their efficiency, safety and how they impact the environment. A fireplace is commonly installed into a wall, while a stove is an additional feature that will stick out. However, you can also get fireplaces that are not flush to the wall.

Gas Fireplace & Stove

Our gas products are a stunning attraction that will also provide instant heat with the push of a button. We have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an inset or convector gas fire, or a flueless gas stove.

Electric Fireplaces

Our electric fireplaces warm your home and can also provide a realistic flickering flame and log-burning effect. They’re great when you don’t want to burn traditional fuel but still want the look and the heat that a fireplace can bring.


A wood-burning fire is one of the more classic models you can go with. You can buy models that have wood storage attached, or a model that prioritises the look of the stove instead. Shop from top brands such as Chesneys, Aga and Stovax.


Normally when buying a fireplace, most people don’t just want the fire sat in a room with nothing around it. This is why many people also go with surrounds. A surround is an additional feature that can be used to enhance the appearance of a fireplace, an object that sticks out from the outer wall and surrounds the fireplace opening. It usually consists of an arch around the fire, with the top being a shelf that can be used to display art, accessories and more.

Fireplace Superstore offers a great selection of surrounds to suit your style. Our surrounds are made of granite, limestone, marble, wood and micro marble, so shop today to find your dream surround.


If you’re looking for something less traditional than a surround, going with a beam is a great way to bring a rustic vibe to your fire. We offer timber, composite and sandstone beams that can be installed onto a wall above a fire, providing shelf space without a formal surround being used.

Hearths & Back Panels

A hearth is the space beneath the fireplace mantel. Because of this, they have to be made of strong materials that will be resistant to high temperatures. Fireplace Superstore offers both hearths by themselves, and models with back panels also attached. We offer them in a great range of materials, including slate, cast iron, limestone, granite and micro marble.


A great way to accessorise a fireplace is to install a statement over it in the form of a mirror. The Fireplace Superstore stocks mirrors in various sizes, so you can pick one that is perfect for your space. From classic shapes to more modern designs, you’ll find one that suits you.


Bring the fire outside with a range of stoves and heaters for outdoors. There are models to keep you warm, and models that enable you to have a BBQ in your garden while feeling cosy.

Clearance & Ex-Display

Fireplace and Furnishings Direct Ltd know that everybody loves a bargain. That is why we’re pleased to offer a range of clearance and ex-display models for reduced prices. They are all still of amazing quality and built to last, perfect for those who don’t care that their fireplace has been used as a display model.


Fireplace Superstore also stocks a great selection of accessories for your fireplace. We have ultra-high temperature paint, capable of withstanding up to 650 degrees and giving a heat resistant finish. Fireguards are a great way to protect yourself and others from fire, especially useful if you have children around the open flames.

Other helpful accessories you might need include moisture meters, room sealing kits, thermometers, stovepipes and frets

A One-Stop Fireplace Shop

Now that you know more about the range of products we offer, here’s a bit more information about Fireplace Superstore. At our showroom in Stockport, we have over 150 live displays, with knowledgeable staff standing by to answer any questions you have about our models. They have decades of experience between them, so will be able to listen to your requirements and pair you with a fireplace that fits your style and needs.

All of our products come from quality architects, builders and designers, so you’ll never be getting a product that doesn’t live up to our exacting standards.

In addition to offering a vast product range, we also can assist with a range of other services related to your fireplace, including safety inspections, gas line connections/disconnections, chimney cleaning, professional servicing and affordable repairs. Our services can save you money in the long run by preventing any issues from arising.

All fireplaces and stoves require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they are safe to use due to being susceptible to general wear and tear, so we offer cost-effective services to help maintain your fireplaces. Issues with stoves and fireplaces could cause extensive damage to your home, so it is vital they are serviced regularly.

To find out more about our range of products, call us now on 0161 488 4991 or come down and visit our Stockport showroom. All of our products are available to view and buy online, so visit our website today to explore the full selection of fireplaces and other products.