How to Choose a Fireplace Surround

How to Choose a Fireplace Surround

When you are choosing a fireplace surround, you will need to consider a lot of different elements to make the proper choice. A good surround can completely transform your space into a put-together room. A fireplace surround that doesn’t suit the place can hurt the design of the room. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your surround.


The style of the surround you choose is probably the most important thing to consider. If you choose a modern design for an older home that hasn’t been updated, it can really look out of place. Instead, take a look at the style of your home and choose something in a similar style. If your house is more of a cottage style, you will want to find a more rustic fireplace surround. If your home is a newer build or recently updated, you can find a more modern style that suits the space.


What the fireplace surround is made out of is another important factor when making the right choice. The most popular materials are wood and stone, but there are many variations of both of these. For wood surrounds, you will want to consider what other wood elements are in the room. You want to choose a colour that will either blend in or complement the other items in the space. If all of your furniture is darker wood and you choose a light pine, it is going to clash with what is already in the room. Similarly, choosing the wrong type of stone for the space can make the fireplace stand out in a bad way. Whether you choose granite, limestone or marble, look at the space around where the fire will be and consider the colour and feel of the stone.


The size of a fireplace surround can completely change the look of a room. If you have lower ceilings and add in a tall fireplace, you will notice that the room feels smaller. A small fireplace surround in a large room will make the fireplace feel disproportionate to everything else in the space. Consider the proportions and use painters’ tape on the wall to block out the different sizes. That way, you can choose by looking at the size in the space rather than guessing what it would look like.

Finding the right fireplace surround can really make a space feel like home. Taking the time and considering the style, materials and size will help you find the right one for your space.

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