Common Myths About Fireplaces

Common Myths About Fireplaces

A practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your living space, the right fireplace not only looks fantastic, but provides a reliable source of heat for the entire family. Available in a range of styles, materials and furnishings, appliances from us are suitable for all homes, with accessories and outdoor heaters also available for the right occasion. Despite their popularity within domestic settings, many misconceptions exist around the safety, practicality and price of fireplaces.

Continue reading to discover the truth behind some of the most common fireplace myths, and browse heating solutions from your trusted local fireplace retailer.

It Is Safe To Leave A Fire To Burn Out At Night

Many believe that it is safe to leave an indoor fireplace to burn out overnight after an evening of enjoying the heat it provides, but this is untrue. Fires are unpredictable and notoriously hard to control, and there are many factors that could contribute to a dangerous incident if a fire is left unsupervised to burn. For the safety of you and your family, either wait for the fireplace to burn out, or put it out yourself before bed. If you are leaving the home for a period of time or going to sleep, the fireplace should never be left unattended.

There’s Only One Type Of Fireplace

The typical idea of a fireplace is that of the wood burning variety, but there are many types that can be purchased and installed in your home. There are a huge range of styles to choose from, as well as various heating solutions such as electric fireplaces, gas fires and sustainable bio-ethanol options for the eco-friendly among us. Limestone, marble and granite fireplaces are sure to look fantastic in the modern household, with fireguards and contemporary accessories to accompany your new set-up. Consult our Fireplace Guide for more helpful advice.

Rarely Used Chimneys Don’t Need To Be Cleaned

The chimney accompanying your fireplace should be serviced at least once a year, even if the fireplace itself is rarely used. Accumulation of soot and creosote are able to cause chimney fires, and if you regularly come into contact with these substances, respiratory problems can develop over time. Chimneys can also develop cracks, become worn out, or there may be animal activity within the chimney which risks the structural integrity of it.

Fireplace Installation Is Expensive

It is a myth that indoor fireplace installation is always expensive. Well known for bespoke fire installation services, we have installed the most exclusive fireplace brands in some of the most prestigious homes across Cheshire, keeping the price low but not compromising on quality. From the design stages, to the final step of your fireplace installation, you can rely on us to help you create a welcoming and warm home.

Whether you’re adding a brilliant centrepiece to your living space, or you simply want to make your home warmer for the colder months with a gas fire, your local fireplace retailer has a huge range of beautiful and functional fireplaces to suit each and every property. Alongside our online store, visit our local showroom in Stockport, where you can find a comprehensive catalogue of beautifully designed fireplaces and stoves. Contact us today for more information on the range of products we provide, as well as our expert installation services.