3 Simple Tips for Keeping Pets Safe Around the Fireplace

3 Simple Tips for Keeping Pets Safe Around the Fireplace

Pets don’t understand the dangers of fire in the way human adults do. While some pets will inherently know not to go near open flames, others will be drawn to them out of curiosity. A game of tug-of-war that gets slightly out of hand is all it could take to start a house fire or for you, your pet, or another member of your family to get seriously injured.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure that your fireplace is safe for your pets. This blog from Fireplace Superstore outlines some of their top tips so that you can all enjoy these cosy winter evenings without a worry in the world.

Train your pet

Any pet owner will know the importance of training. It’s a great way of setting rules and boundaries that ensure their, and everyone else’s, safety and wellbeing. You can train your pet not to go near the fireplace and teach them it isn’t associated with playing, so that they know to keep a safe distance and behave calmly around it in future.

Your pet will likely be safer around hazards if it is also obedient generally – for instance, if they’ve mastered the art of coming to you when you call them, they’ll be much easier to control if there’s ever a risk of fire or harm.

Don’t leave them unsupervised

Always supervise your pets when they’re near a lit fireplace – whether you’re curled up on the sofa with a book, or entertaining friends of an evening, make sure you always keep an eye on what your furry friend is up to. This will enable you to step in straight away if they behave in an inappropriate way or stand a chance of getting hurt.

It may also go without saying that you should never leave your fireplace lit when you’re not home or in another part of the house – doing so could have serious consequences for your home, your pet, and anything or anyone else left in the house. There is not only a fire risk but also a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and serious injury.

Install a fireguard

Simply having a door or screen on your fireplace is not always enough to keep your pet safe. Animals often explore using their paws, tongues or noses, which can easily get burnt if they come into contact with a hot glass door – this is particularly common in animals that are easily enticed and amused by their own reflections. Even extinguished fires can pose a risk to pets – they could get splinters, get covered in ash, or even get sick if they ingest any of the remnants of the fire.

Installing a fireguard ensures that your pet can’t get close to any potentially harmful elements of the fireplace, but can still enjoy its warmth and uplifting glow. Consider adding a child lock wherever possible, for extra security.

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