How to heat Your Summerhouse With a Log Burning Stove

How to heat Your Summerhouse With a Log Burning Stove

As we step into autumn and the days get colder, it doesn’t mean we have to give up the time we spend in our summerhouses or garden rooms. You can efficiently heat your summerhouse with a log burning stove to create a cosy and warm place to enjoy your evenings. Not only does a log burning stove keep you warm, but there are also some stunning models available that will improve the interior decoration of your summerhouse.

Is it safe to put a wood-burning stove in my summerhouse?

Yes! Although your summerhouse is likely made from timber, it is still possible to safely install a log burning stove. As long as you use the correct fittings, you can enjoy a wood-burning stove in your shed. There are a few things you’ll want to consider such as:

  • Structure and size – The structure of your outdoor building must have the composition and structure to accommodate a log burner. This means the flooring must be able to support the weight of your selected stove. It’s also important to consider the material of your summerhouse and take precautions to protect it from the heat.
  • Rules and regulations – There are some regulations that may affect whether you are able to install a log burner such as if you live in a smoke control area or not. You will also need to consider the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fit a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Insulation – Unless you properly insulate your outdoor building, it won’t be able to retain much of the heat, affecting how efficient your log burning stove is. Investing in good quality insulation will ensure the heat remains in and will stop you from having to constantly add fuel to the fire.

Can I install it myself?

If you are competent at DIY and follow the instructions carefully, you can normally install your stove in just a few hours. However, if you are not sure, the fireplace company will be more than willing to install your new log burning stove for an additional cost. This will ensure your stove has been properly installed and give you peace of mind that it will function well.

What size log burning stove should I get?

For the majority of garden rooms up to 6 metres by 3 metres, a small, 2kW log burner will suffice but for large cabins, you may need a larger 5kW stove in order to properly heat the space. It may also be worth considering a multi-fuel equipped stove that can run on both wood and smokeless fuels, giving you a clean burn.

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