Maximizing Your Household Efficiency Over Winter

Maximizing Your Household Efficiency Over Winter

Winter Preparation

It’s important to check in on your fireplace, (and you’re boiler), during the summer months, just so you’re absolutely certain it’s in working condition when the winter arrives.

After all, most fireplaces are used between October and March, and for most of the summer, lie dormant, waiting patiently for Autumn to return. Every year, when the cold finally arrives, gas and heating providers across the country are inundated with calls and complaints about malfunctioning fireplaces or household heating.

It’s best to beat the rush, check for any issues earlier in the year, and be confident everything is operating perfectly well ahead of time.

Smart Meter

One of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping your energy usage, (and your bills!), at a reasonable rate, is through the use of a smart meter.

A smart meter offers live readings of your household’s energy usage, ensuring you, as the consumer, are acutely aware of just how much energy it is you’re actually consuming; this, of course, isn’t just hugely beneficial for your own pocket, it even benefits our planet, with less energy now going to waste and fewer fossil fuel emissions being needlessly funneled into our atmosphere.

It’s reckoned that households with a smart meter are significantly more likely to save money every year on their usage bills compared to those without. By 2025, it’s estimated every household in the UK will have access to their own.

This is also true of digital thermostats, which some predict can save you up to £75 a year.

Switch to LED

LED light bulbs are a long-lasting alternative to a regular incandescent bulb.

Standard LEDs last on average 3000 more hours than a traditional bulb, using up to 80% less energy than its competitor, generating 75% less heat in the process.

Significantly more durable, reliable, and efficient than using a standard incandescent.

Digital Thermostat/Heating Controls

Digital thermostats prevent your home from getting any warmer than it needs to.  When your room has reached the desired temperature, the heating switches off just long enough for the temperature to drop. This saves you energy, rendering you more efficient, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Double Glazing

Single glazed windows can cause havoc in the winter; moisture, condensation build-up, even mold- by replacing them with thermally insulated ones, (double glazing), the amount of energy lost can be reduced by up to 75%, assisting in lowering your heating bills every year.

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