Why You Should Consider an Electric Fireplace This Winter

Why You Should Consider an Electric Fireplace This Winter

Energy Efficient

Electric fireplaces are considerably more efficient than traditional fireplaces, conserving more energy without burning wood or fuel. Instead of having to chop down trees for firewood, electric fireplaces run at a low-cost, low energy efficiency rate, protecting the environment and reducing the risk of wasting heat and energy. Typically, a traditional fireplace will lose around 80% of its heat through the chimney, which is both wasteful and harmful to the environment. An electric fireplace is fitted with LED technology, consuming far less energy than even a regular incandescent bulb. This will reduce your carbon emissions, generating consistent heat without the need for a chimney, cutting down the energy and heat wasted.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your traditional fireplace is often a dirty job. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll need to clean or clear soot, dirt and debris daily, to prevent ash from spreading across your room or space. With an electric fireplace, you won’t even require your chimney to be cleaned or swept, as it requires little to no maintenance all year round. No mess, no stress, electric fireplaces are hassle-free and easy to look after.


As mentioned, electric fireplaces are considerably more efficient than their traditional counterparts and will require significantly less maintenance and attention throughout the year. In fact, the up-front cost of installing an electric fireplace is really all you need to consider, without the worry of maintenance costs, cleaning or clearing your chimney.

Safe and Simple

Compared with a traditional fireplace, with live flames and smoke, an electric fireplace is considerably safer. You’ll no longer have to worry about yourself, your family or your pets inhaling smoke, or burning themselves from the open flames. Electric fireplaces remove this risk entirely, with their glass displays not creating any surface heat that could cause damage upon interaction.

Warm and Cosy

Winter was made for fireplaces, and fireplaces were made for winter. As the cold, dark nights settle in, there really is no better feeling than sitting in front of the fire, basking in the warmth, observing the “flames”. Of course, as an electric fireplace, the flames aren’t technically legitimate, but the combined ambience of light, flame effects and warmth is certainly more appealing than sitting in front of a radiator for an evening. Electric or not, you’ll love watching the image of flames dancing away as your home warms up and the levels of comfort and cosiness increase. Let’s face it, in winter, particularly during Christmas, there aren’t many places more appealing to gather around with a nice warm cup of cocoa, than a good old-fashioned fireplace.

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