Why You Should Get Your Fireplace Serviced in Summer

Why You Should Get Your Fireplace Serviced in Summer

Your fireplace may be the least of your concerns during the warm summer months, with no one having turned it on for a while, but the summer is the best time to get your fireplace serviced. Your local fireplace provider will be able to carry out routine maintenance to repair any general wear and tear, ensuring it’s safe to use.

Here’s why it’s a great idea to get your fireplace serviced in summer.

Increase the lifespan of your fireplace

Regular servicing helps keep your fireplace in good health and ensure it lasts even longer. By consistently checking your fireplace works well, you’ll be reducing the possibility of costly repairs or replacement in the future and save yourself money. If you invest in your fireplace now you could add 5-10 years onto its lifespan, saving you money from not needing to replace the unit.

Ensure your fireplace is safe

Before you light your fire this autumn, a gas safe engineer should double-check that every aspect of your unit is in good working order. When your fireplace burns gas, a small amount of carbon monoxide is produced. To make sure this odourless yet fatal gas doesn’t pollute your home, it’s important to check all systems of your fireplace work as they are meant to.

Beat the winter rush

When the first few cold days hit the UK, there will be an influx of people realising there is something wrong with their fireplace or that they haven’t had a service yet this year. So, rather than getting yours done when the service provider is booked up, beat the rush and get it done early.

Increase performance

Over time your fireplace may become less efficient. The heat output and cost-effectiveness will reduce, meaning regular maintenance will ensure it performs at its best and save you money throughout the winter months.

Get ready for winter

Your fireplace may have become damaged or cease to work during summer, so checking it’s ready to use will make sure you’re prepared to enjoy cosy days and nights in winter and autumn. If you typically use your fireplace as the main heat source for your living room, then it can be troublesome to notice it’s not working properly.

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