What Fireplace Best Suits Your Style

Over the years there have been many new additions to the fireplace and we now have a myriad of options to choose from. There’s the electric fire, gas fire, open fire, and log-burning stove. All of these options can of course be changed and designed so they suit your home. However, there are a few options that are best suited to a specific style or aesthetic. Traditionally fires have always been open and used a metal guard to protect those in the room from the flames and heat. You may recognise this design choice from Tudor homes such as Chequers, the famous residence of the British Prime Ministers.

Naturally, you’ll likely want to consider every style before you commit to your next fireplace design. It is important to remember that even if you like a fireplace and you don’t think it necessarily suits your room then you can always change a few things about your space to incorporate the fireplace design that you want. There is also an argument to be said that a bit of juxtaposition in a home can go a long way. For many years the trend of matching sharp modern interior design with vintage period furniture has been incredibly popular. The same also goes for fireplaces and if you match them with precision this technique can work flawlessly.

So, which fireplaces suit your home’s style the best?

Modern minimalist style

Many newly built homes are now following the modern minimalist style. The interior trend has really exploded lately and now many homeowners would like to add fireplaces to their space to bring some warmth into the room and create a statement piece. So, which fire would be right for this scenario? The answer is probably a wall electric fire. These fires are incredibly minimalist in design but still act as a brilliant eye-catching addition to the room.

Modern industrial style

This interior design movement has started to experience a major boost in popularity recently as more and more inner-city warehouses find themselves converted into flats. The exposed brick walls and metal beams contrast beautifully with crisp white kitchen fittings and sharply designed furniture. The fireplace you want for this aesthetic is unquestionably the gas fire. A gas fire is both beautifully industrial with its blue and orange flames but also sleek and modern in its fitting.


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned cosy cottage. If you live in the countryside the likelihood is that your cottage is decorated with the classic cottagecore look and this can really make a home sing. When it comes to this style there is only one fire for the job. The log-burning stove is quite frankly a must-have with the cottagecore style and without one your home just wouldn’t be the complete package.

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