The Different Types Of Home Fires

The Different Types Of Home Fires

Home fires are naturally one of the first items many design experts choose to incorporate into their designs. After all, they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays we have many fires which we can choose from spanning from open fires and log-burning stoves right through to gas and electric fires.

It goes without saying really that there are individual preferences for fires and many homeowners have some pretty specific ideas in mind when it comes to this. However, there are many options which sometimes get overlooked. This is pretty forgivable though considering how many different types of fires are available.

What we offer

Here at Fireplace Superstore, we try to make that decision a little easier for you so you can choose the right fire for you. Naturally, though, you’ll probably need to hear the benefits and drawbacks of each different option before you decide on your final choice. After all, considering every aspect of each fire is vital to ensure that you choose the right one for your home. If you’ve had a fire before, knowing what you like and don’t like in this sector is probably pretty easy. However, what if this is your first fire? What do you need to look out for when you’re browsing through the options?

Of course one of the first things you’ll notice when you look through the different fires is the aesthetics and general style of the fire. Yes, these features do have a practical element to them but they are also statement pieces and draw the eye to a certain area of the room. It is then only natural that you’ll want your new fire to fit into your home seamlessly and match your style. Then you’ll need to consider the energy and heat your fire produces. If your home is already fairly warm then you probably won’t need to have a significantly powerful fire. However, if your house is a bit on the cold side you may want something a little warmer.

So, what are some options for your fire?

Gas fires

As the name suggests these fires run off gas and have small gas flames which imitate the look of a natural log-burning stove. They are often more efficient in their energy output than log burners and require much less maintenance and upkeep.

Log burning stove

Log-burning stoves are some of the hottest fires around and can produce some serious heat when they get going. What’s more, they’re incredibly fashionable.

Electric fire

Electric fires are fairly similar to gas fires only the flame is completely automated and the heat source is of course different. These fires are probably the least warm out of the three we’ve mentioned. Although they can be the most cost-effective and efficient to run.

If you’re looking for a new fire then here at the Fireplace Superstore we can help. We have plenty of options for you to choose from so just contact our friendly staff today to find out more!