Fireplace Safety: What You Should Know

Fireplace Safety: What You Should Know

Anything with real fire can be a risk and fireplaces are no exception. A fireplace can be a lovely way to enhance your living space and bring some warmth to the room. It can even boost your home’s value. However, it’s very important to know how to use your fireplace safely and what precautions to take so your home and family are safe.

Hold Regular Inspections

Your fireplace and chimney need to be inspected once a year at a minimum. The fireplace may seem simple, but there are still risks. You may need to clean the chimney before you light up the fireplace, but you can also help ensure the space works well by opening the flue before you light the fire. Close it once you have extinguished the flames. A dirty chimney can become a fire hazard, so take care and regularly inspect it.

Keep Flammable Items Far Away

It’s common sense not to leave flammable items near a fire, but it is important to mention anyway. Something as simple as drying a pair of boots could end up causing a house fire. Be sure to keep everything away from the front of the fireplace and enjoy the heat from a safe distance. It’s also best to teach your family this, so even children will stay away from the fireplace with their belongings.

Invest in a Fire Extinguisher

You should have at least one fire extinguisher per floor, but it may be wise to have one near the fireplace. As long as you take care, it will not be necessary, but it’s always better to have one near than to risk long minutes waiting for help if a fire does get out of control.

In addition to the fire extinguisher, you should ensure your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm are functional.

Don’t Burn Garbage

It may be tempting to toss leftover paper and such into the fireplace, but it isn’t a good idea. Paper, cardboard, and similar items can burn too hot and this could end up causing a chimney fire. You should avoid burning wet or wood full of resin, as well, since this can cause more smoke and clog up the chimney.

Another option is to opt for an electric fireplace. These don’t use real flames and this means they are a little safer than the ones that do. However, as long as you are safe, you should enjoy your fireplace, whatever type it is.

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