The Benefits of Indoor Gas Fires

The Benefits of Indoor Gas Fires

A fireplace is a statement piece that can make a big impact on any home. It can be a focal point for a room, and many rooms are often designed outwards from the fire to make the most of it. Before the rise of televisions, fireplaces were the most popular choice for the furniture to be facing, as they are the ideal spot to relax and unwind. While this has faded in popularity, a lot of rooms are still designed around the fireplace as the focus. A gas fireplace is perfect in the winter for curling up near a relaxing fire, or in the spring evenings when a chill is still present.

There are a variety of different types of fireplaces, with the most common being wood burning. Wood burning fireplaces use fuel such as logs to create a flame. But there are also electric, ethanol and gas fireplaces. An ethanol fireplace works by simply pouring bioethanol fuel into a burner and lighting it.

Gas fireplaces are a great option for any home. Here is more about how an indoor gas fire works and what the benefits are.

How Does a Gas Fireplace Work

A gas fireplace functions by using a combustion and exhaust system that will create heating. The unit is sealed and brings in fresh air to use in the combustion process, generating highly safe, efficient heating. The fireplace is connected to a dedicated gas supply, often installed outside or somewhere out in the way. A pilot flame is then lit using a spark ignitor. Gas is released into the fire, and the main burner flames are lit.

Oxygen is fed to the flames by either using an external air supply or internal air supply. The size of the flame can be adjusted, which in turn affects the heat output. Waste air is then vented externally.

Benefits of Indoor Gas Fires

Easy To Use

Gas fireplaces are extremely easy to use. You usually just press a button on a remote or flip a switch on the wall to enjoy the fire. With a remote, you can turn the unit on or off from anywhere in the house. You can even connect some fireplaces to an app on your phone, so you don’t even need to be at home to turn the heat on. This way on a cold day, you can turn the fireplace on before you get there to heat the place up before your arrival.

Blackout Safe

Most gas fireplaces work without electricity, meaning you can use them in the event of a power outage. This is ideal in the middle of winter, as you don’t want to be left without heating and electricity for long. Some gas fireplaces may have other features that do run on electricity, but the most basic element of heat should be fine to use in a blackout.

Continuous Heat

Unlike a wood-burning fire, you can get continuous heat emitted from your gas fire. Wood fires require you to constantly feed the fire with more fuel, meaning the heat it produces will fluctuate as you use and add more fuel. Gas fires are great if you want a continuous temperature and none of the hassle of topping up the fire with fuel. You can simply turn on your gas fire and expect the ideal temperature you want instantly, without the worry of maintaining it.

Maintain The Classic Feel

If you’re not wanting to burn wood but enjoy the aesthetic, you can still enjoy this classic feel. You can buy decorative logs that don’t burn, meaning you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace without having the clean-up and smell of burning logs. There’ll be no ashes to tidy and sweep away, meaning you’ll have to maintain your fire a lot less often. Wood fireplaces can cause a build-up of creosote in the chimney, which you won’t find with a gas fireplace. Ceramic logs can also help to distribute heat evenly.

Impact On Deforestation

With gas fires, you won’t be harming any trees, so you won’t be adding to the global deforestation rate. The way for cutting trees down for fuel to be sustainable is to plant a new tree for every tree felled. However, in most cases, this does not happen. Therefore using a gas fire will mean you’re not contributing to the worldwide deforestation rate.

You’ll also save money on purchasing firewood and won’t have to waste your time continually going out to buy or source firewood.

All-Around Heating

There are plenty of gas fireplace models that have a blower installed into them. A blower can help to circulate warm air throughout the whole house. This is ideal as other types of fireplaces just produce heat in the area where the unit is placed.


Not all fireplaces have to look traditional, with stylish and modern designs being released all the time. You can find a design to suit you, from metallic finishes to beautiful wooden features. And with no logs having to be burnt, you don’t even need the space for them, meaning there are even more design choices to think about.


Most gas fireplaces are kid safe, as the fire is contained inside the unit and the outside unit does not get hot enough to burn. There are also no fly-away sparks or flames that will fly out and potentially harm someone.

The fire produced by a gas fire can be safer and cleaner than wood, especially as sometimes wood can release harmful gases when burnt. You’ll also not have to worry about freezing and going outside to collect wood in the winter. Wood stores are common nest options for dangerous creatures like spiders and snakes, so having a gas fire means you won’t have to face any wildlife.


A gas fire is usually cheaper to buy and install than other types of fireplaces. They are also a lot cheaper to maintain, so over time, you’ll find you will have saved a ton of money simply from having a gas fire instead of other types.

Property Value

A gas fireplace is a great investment for your home as it is an asset. This means if you’re ever considering selling your home, the installation of a gas fireplace will be a desirable feature that people will be looking out for when buying.

Energy Savings & Environmental Impact

The flames created by a gas fireplace can help to save you money on your energy bills. It is estimated that a gas fireplace can help you save up to 25% on your energy bills. There are no harmful fumes produced from a gas fireplace, so there is little environmental impact. They also run on natural gas, which there is plenty of, so it doesn’t harm the environment to produce it.

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