How to Care for Your Garden This Summer

How to Care for Your Garden This Summer

With warmer days upon us, it’s time to bring our gardens back to life so that we can enjoy them with our friends and family. Summertime is the best opportunity to enjoy our gardens whether that be al fresco dining, swinging in a hammock or garden parties. If you love having guests round in the garden, then make sure you’re doing everything right to keep all of your outdoor items in good condition over the warmer months.

Follow our tips to help you enjoy your summertime in the garden.

Clean your barbecue

You may have given it a clean after its last use the previous summer, but you’ll need to give it a thorough clean before you can use it again, as well as after each use. All manner of things could find their way onto your barbecue, so check for rust, insects, dirt and dust. Make sure you’re using the appropriate materials such as brushes with stainless coils and warm soapy water and you’ll be ready to deliver a delicious chargrilled dinner.

Top tip: Use tin foil to line your ash pan. This will make it easier to clean out as well as being more heat efficient.

Give your grass some TLC

Your lawn may have been somewhat neglected over the winter so it’s worth spending a bit of time bringing it back to good health. Dust off the lawnmower and give it a cut. If you get into a routine of regularly cutting the grass it will keep it in good health, deterring weeds and encouraging thick grass. Adding some lawn fertiliser wouldn’t go amiss either to increase the vigour of the lawn.

Store your outdoor heater appropriately

If you’re not planning on using your outdoor heater much over the summer, you’ll need to store it away properly to keep it in good nick. Even if you’ll continue to use it, giving it a good clean and check over for rust will help you maintain the life of your outdoor heater. This might also be a good chance to clean out your shed and sort through any things you don’t need anymore.

Remember to treat it carefully and use a damp cloth to wipe it down. To store it safely, you’ll need to disassemble the propane and store it in a clean, dry place. Here are some more in-depth tips on how to properly store propane tanks.

Clean your patio and decking

Yet another thing you’ll have to wash! Give it a sweep and use a pressure washer to breathe some new life into your decking or patio. Your decking would benefit well from an extra protective coating such as decking stain, oil or coating. Once you’ve done this you can bring out your patio furniture to make your garden comfy and ready for entertaining.

It’s worth investing some time into the maintenance and preparation of your garden for summer to ensure you and your guests will be able to enjoy it in all its glory.

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