A Guide to Fireplace Hearths: Which Back Panel is Right For You?

A Guide to Fireplace Hearths: Which Back Panel is Right For You?

Installing a fireplace is a beautiful way to bring warmth and light to a room, and if you’re already daydreaming of curling up next to the fire on a cold winter’s night, then you’ll almost certainly want to get started on securing your dream fireplace.

Of course, choosing the right fireplace hearth (sometimes described as a “back panel”) is one of the most important parts of the process. You might think that style and aesthetic are the only factors worth considering, but there’s much more to choosing a suitable fireplace hearth than visual appeal.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is one of the most popular material types amongst homeowners with fireplaces, and it’s not difficult to see why. Cast iron not only offers a wonderfully rustic feel, but it’s also extremely durable. This means you can expect your cast iron hearth to truly stand the test of time without becoming misshapen or discoloured.

Cast iron is also renowned for its heat retention properties, which makes it a great choice for the most eco-conscious households. Even after your fire goes out, you’ll still feel its warmth radiating from your iron back panel.


If you’re looking for a slightly more contemporary, but still timeless, look, then you might be more attracted to granite fireplace hearths. Granite offers a beautifully polished finish that lends itself well to homes with a modern or glamorous feel.

Granite does tend to be slightly more expensive than some of the other back panel materials on this list, but at Fireplace Superstore, you won’t need to break the bank securing a stylish hearth for your home.


Limestone is a popular choice of material amongst many homeowners, owing to the fact that it brings a traditional look to properties without the price tag of many other natural stones. Limestone can also be carved into a myriad of ornate styles, making it one of the most versatile choices for incorporating into your home design.

Of course, if you have your heart set on a fireplace back panel that offers a timeless, natural aesthetic, then limestone may be the choice for you! It’s a classic material without fuss and frills, which many fireplace owners love.

Micro Marble

You’ve undoubtedly heard of marble, but what about micro marble? A more economical – but no less luxurious – alternative to marble, micro marble is becoming increasingly popular as a material for fireplace hearths. As it’s reconstituted from crushed marble, micro marble offers the same polished look as this magnificent stone, so you won’t need to compromise on visual appeal by opting for this more affordable style.

As a fireplace back panel, micro marble also scores highly! It’s long-lasting and fire-safe, so you can enjoy the warmth of your fire without worrying about your hearth sustaining damage.


Slate is another popular natural stone commonly used in home design. A highly versatile material, slate works well in both traditional and contemporary properties – and looks phenomenal behind a roaring fire. Slate hearths also come in a variety of great styles and finishes, so you won’t struggle to find a slate back panel to suit your home perfectly.

Like cast iron, slate is also very thermal efficient. It’ll retain the heat of the fire long after it’s died down, which is ideal during those gloomy winter evenings.

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