Three Ways to Make Your Garden More Comfortable in Autumn/Winter

When the suns out of the skies are blue, your garden is the perfect place to spend time with your family and friends. However, the enjoyment doesn’t have to end when you head into autumn as there are many ways of ensuring your garden is ready for the next season.

Here are three ways of making your garden suited to autumn/winter.


No one wants to sit outside in a chilly garden but with a high-quality garden heater, you’ll feel cosy as the nights draw in. No matter how big your garden is a heater will provide you with consistent heat around your seating area, so you and your family can spend the evening sipping hot chocolate, chatting and making the most of your outdoor space.


Good lighting will transform your garden from a dingy place into a well-lit space. There are many different lighting options such as hanging fairy lights, lanterns, spotlights and more. Not only will this make your garden safer during the darker nights but they will create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere so you can stay outside as long as you like.

Covered seating area

If you want to make your garden practical for usage all year round, consider adding an overhead covering to your seating area or build a snug. This is a great investment that will protect you from the wind and rain as well as shield you from the heat during the summer. A covered seating area is ideal for gatherings and parties during autumn and winter, simply grab a few extra blankets and you’ll all set!

At Fireplaces & Furnishings in Cheshire, we specialise in a range of heating products and accessories. If you want to enjoy your garden in the winter and chillier autumn nights, our outdoor heaters are perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing evening. Get in touch with us today or visit our showroom in Cheadle Hulme.