The Benefits of Keeping Up with Gas Fire Repairs

Gas fires are a beautiful addition to any home and there’s plenty of reasons why you may consider getting one. Whether it’s the soothing flicker of the flames, the money you can save on heating bills or the stunning statement they can make in any room, a gas fireplace is the perfect option for any household. 

Just like everything, gas fireplaces require maintenance to ensure they remain in top condition all year round. Fortunately, they don’t require high levels of maintenance (don’t worry, you won’t be spending hours scrubbing each week!), but it is important to schedule in some general repairs and maintenance every so often. 

While there are plenty of things you can do yourself to keep your gas fireplace functioning correctly, the most important thing you can do for your fireplace is get in touch with a professional fireplace maintenance engineer for an annual service. The last thing you want is your gas fire cutting out on you just before you settle down to watch a movie in the winter – so make sure you schedule in that all-important fireplace service. An annual gas fire service is a great way to keep up with gas fire repairs and ensure your fireplace is running efficiently. 

Below, we take a look at the importance of booking your fireplace service and a few maintenance tips you can carry out yourself to keep your gas fire in top condition. 

Book a professional gas fire service 

Booking a professional gas fire service at least once a year will prevent interruptions with your gas fireplace. In fact, an annual gas fire service is an essential household cost for gas fire owners. Skipping your annual service could lead to a number of issues down the line and costly repairs; it’s always better to ensure everything is working correctly than try to save a few pennies. 

The best time to get your gas fire serviced is during the summer, simply so that it’s ready for winter when you’ll likely use it far more often. So, what are the benefits of an annual gas fire service?


A gas fire service is particularly important for the safety of you and your family. A faulty gas fire can put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and leaks from flues – something that can be very dangerous for your health. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly, so it’s extremely important you rule out the chances of a carbon monoxide leak. 

A gas fire service should always be undertaken by a professional on the Gas Safe Register to ensure any work being carried out is done so safely. The gas engineer will also clean your gas fire, which will remove any soot or debris that has built up. This could be preventing your gas fire from running safely and therefore is very important. 


During a gas fire service, the gas engineer will strip the gas fire down to inspect its main components. All components will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure they are running efficiently and with no issues. The main aim of a gas fire service is to check your gas fire is operating correctly and efficiently with the correct type of flame. If the gas engineer notices any problems with the efficiency of your gas fire, they can carry out the appropriate works and repairs to ensure it continues to run efficiently. 

The gas engineer will also test the gas pressure to ensure it complies with the manufacturer’s standards for the appliance. Ensuring your gas fire is running efficiently will save you money on costly heating bills, ensuring your fireplace uses less gas to produce the same amount of heat. 


In most cases, your gas fire will require an annual professional service in order to ensure the warranty is valid. Your gas fire will likely have come packaged with a manufacturer’s warranty which states you must have your gas fire serviced annually; failing to do so could invalidate your warranty – something that could be a huge issue should things go wrong. If you invalidate your warranty, you’ll have to pay for parts for gas fire repairs yourself. 

Gas fire maintenance tips

In between your annual gas fire service, there are a few things you can do to ensure your gas fire remains in top condition. 

Clean your gas fireplace regularly 

It’s important to clean your fireplace regularly to keep it in good condition. Clean the fireplace windows regularly with a specialist glass cleaner to keep them looking sparkling new. Over time, dust can get trapped and the glass may start to appear cloudy. It’s also possible for new gas fires to become ‘foggy’ as the products used during manufacturing burn off. A high-quality cleaner will get your windows sparkling again in no time at all. 

When cleaning and maintaining your fireplace, it’s important to ensure your fire is turned off and has cooled down completely. To be extra safe, you should turn off your gas supply to ensure there are no accidental gas leaks.

Hire a chimney sweep

While gas does burn much cleaner than wood or coal, debris can still gather and cause blockages. This is why it’s important to get your chimney inspected once a year. If birds set up nests in your chimney, they could prevent proper ventilation, leading to a number of issues. Alternatively, an old chimney may be susceptible to dampness which is why it’s important to get an annual chimney inspection. The cost of a chimney sweep far outweighs the cost of chimney and gas fire problems. 

Replace the batteries

If batteries are left too long, they can start leaking. Leaking battery moisture can affect the electronics which is why they need to be replaced regularly. Replacing batteries regularly will ensure your remote continues to work correctly and extend the life of the receiver. 

Keep the aeration channel free

Unfortunately, some people place items such as furniture against the air vents. This can cause ventilation problems and lead to a number of issues. Instead, always keep the air vents free. Any aeration channels should always be kept free so that the heat can dissipate well and the fireplace continues to run efficiently. 

Keep the service hatch accessible 

Some people also place furniture or even built-in cupboards in front of the service hatch. This makes it very hard for gas service engineers to reach your fireplace and can prevent them from carrying out optimum maintenance. Make sure you always keep the service hatch and control block free and easily accessible. This will ensure your service engineer can easily reach your fireplace immediately. 

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