Tips for Keeping Your Wood-Burning Stove in Top Condition

In order to keep your wood-burning stove in the best condition possible, it is essential that you carry out some regular maintenance. A wood-burning stove is much like any other piece of engineering: look after it well and you’ll get the most out of it. With that in mind, read on for our top tips to help keep your wood-burning stove in top condition.

Empty the ash pan

If you use your stove every day, you should empty the ash pan daily to avoid hot ashes from piling up. When hot ashes are left for long periods of time, they can come into contact with the lower side of the grate, distorting it and causing it to lose its shape.

Sweep your chimney

Having your chimney swept every year will ensure that your flue pipe and chimney are clear and safe to use. We recommend having your chimney swept in spring, once the cold weather has cleared up.

Clean the glass

While many modern stoves are fitted with air wash systems to ensure that the glass stays clean, some older stoves do not have this feature. If your wood-burning stove does not have an air wash system, aim to clean your stove glass daily. You can either use newspaper dipped in malt vinegar or a specialist stove glass cleaner. Make sure that you steer clear of abrasive products, however, as these can damage the glass.

Inspect for rust

It is worth regularly inspecting your stove for signs of rust. If you do notice any rust on your stove, simply rub the area with wire wool. Following this, apply a coat of stove paint over the top and your stove should look as good as new.

Keep it tidy

In order to keep your stove looking good, it is important that you also maintain its appearance. Simply use a clean shoe brush or a lint-free cloth to wipe away dust and soot that has gathered on the exterior of your stove.

Repaint your stove

If you have had your stove for a while, it may be time to repaint it. Before painting, make sure that you have covered the surrounding areas and door glass to ensure that no mess is made. After painting, leave your stove for up to eight hours to ensure that it has fully dried.

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