How to Maintain your Wood Burning Fireplace

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace in your home, you’ll know that nothing can match the cosy feeling of snuggling up in front of a fire. A fireplace adds warmth, ambience and a stylish focal point to the room, but it’s important to maintain it correctly to keep it functioning in the best condition possible. Regular maintenance can help avoid more serious problems with your fireplace, saving you time and money in the long run; especially if your fireplace is used fairly regularly. If you’re looking to keep your wood burning fireplace running smoothly, see below for some top tips on how to maintain it correctly.

Look out for smoke

If your fireplace is functioning efficiently, then there should be no build up of smoke entering your home. If you notice any excessive smoke coming from your fireplace, it’s usually a sign that it needs to be cleaned, or that there’s a blockage in the chimney preventing proper ventilation. Check to ensure the damper is fully open, and give the fireplace a clean if there’s a build up of soot.

Choose the right wood

The type of wood you burn in your fireplace is important; varieties of hardwood are more effective as they burn for longer and produce more heat, but they do tend to be more expensive. Trees like oak, birch and ash are good choices as they produce less sap, which reduces the amount of creosote buildup when they burn. Softwood is cheaper but tends to not burn as effectively, and some types can produce a lot of smoke.

Clean the interior

If you’re burning wood regularly in your fireplace, then over time the interior will have a buildup of dirt, ash and creosote. It’s important to clean these deposits away regularly, to keep your fireplace looking nice, and also to allow wood to burn more efficiently. A buildup of creosote can also cause health problems, as the particles can enter the air and cause damage if inhaled over long periods.

Schedule professional inspections

A professional annual inspection is the best way to ensure your fireplace stays in great condition, and it’s best to schedule one in before the cold winter months to ensure your fireplace is functioning at its best once the temperatures drop. A specialist will be able to spot any issues you may have overlooked, and perform other services such as flue cleaning, repairs and safety inspections.

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