The Benefits of a Gas Fire For The Home

During the cold British winter months, a warm fire can be a truly transformative presence within the home. It’s all well and good to use your central heating to keep you toasty, but there’s something unique about watching the flames lick in front of you as you sit down to dinner or watch your favourite films with the family.

However, there are a number of different of types of fires to choose from nowadays. From wood burners to electric fires, the choice can be difficult at times. Here we describe the benefits attributed to a gas fire.

Simple To Use and Control

Gas fires, as opposed to wood burners in particular, are really simple and easy to use. There’s no storing or cutting of firewood and using kindling. In fact, often turning on the fire as well as controlling the size of the flames is as simple as a few buttons.

Similarly, if you need to turn the flames off quickly, all you need to do is switch off the gas supply and the fire will turn off immediately and cool down quickly.

Cheap and Simple To Install

Unlike a wood burner, you will not need a chimney to allow fumes and smoke to escape. So, the entire installation process is far less intrusive as well as much cheaper. Also, once installed, the running of the fire will cost less to run.

Little Maintenance Required

With a gas fire, there’s none of the mess that there is with a wood burner which means that there’s far less maintenance. There’s no additional tools needed – like brushes or shovels – and no additional storage for the fuel.

More Environmentally Friendly Than a Wood Burner

Gas fires have zero levels of emissions from the fire itself. Although you’ll still be reliant on fossil fuels, the lack of smoke and emissions from the operation of the fire means that there’s very little environmental impact from turning on your fire. Using a gas fire can also save you some money on your utility bill.

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