3 Must-Have Accessories for Your Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are a traditional heating method in homes for a reason – they are effective. Of course, many modern homes are now built with electric fires or gas fires, but there are still many properties that feature chimneys, allowing wood burning stoves to still be functional.

If you own a wood burning stove, are moving into a property that features one or are looking to install one in your home, then here are the top three fireplace accessories that we recommend you own alongside it.

Wood Store

Wood burning stoves all require a specific thing to function: wood. The clue’s in the name, afterall! If you plan on regularly using your wood burning stove for warmth, then you’ll need to ensure that you have a plentiful supply of logs to keep your stove stocked up.

The only issue you may encounter with this is finding somewhere to store said wood before using it. This may especially be a nuisance if you do not have a particularly large home or outside area where the logs could stay dry (the cold and damp weather we experience in the UK makes for less than ideal wood-storing conditions).

Thankfully, you can get a wood store accessory that acts as a base for your stove whilst doubling up as storage space underneath for your logs to go, meaning they will be stored out of the way yet still in a convenient location.

Companion Set

Burning traditional fires in your home with logs, although quaint, cosy and efficient, can be a messy and demanding task. Log fires require maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency, whilst the mess they leave behind needs to be cleaned up in order to keep your fireplace in good condition. As such, a fireplace companion set is your best friend.

These typically consist of:

  • A poker – used to poke the logs on a fire so that layers of ash fall off and expose the log to oxygen for more efficient burning.

  • A shovel – to easily scoop up leftover ash from an extinguished fire to be disposed of, leaving it clean and clear for new logs to be burned.

  • A brush – to sweep up ash that falls onto your floor/the floor of your hearth and dispose of it more easily.

  • Log tongs – to safely add more logs to a burning fire when it’s in need of more kindling.


Safety should be a prioritised consideration when it comes to wood burning stoves, since there is obviously the risk of someone burning themselves by either coming into contact with the open fire or from touching the stove itself since it is made of cast iron, which will get extremely hot. This is especially a risk that should be considered if you have children or pets that may not know to stay away.

A way of minimising this risk and preventing injury is to invest in a fireguard. These are heat resistant screens, typically made out of metal, that go in front of and surround your fireplace or stove, acting as a safeguarding barrier to stop anyone (or any pets) from coming into contact with it.

If you’re looking for a reliable fireplace retailer that sells high-quality accessories, then you need Fireplace Superstore. Get in touch with us today for more information about the products and services we offer.