How To Decorate Your Fireplace

How To Decorate Your Fireplace

As the winter draws in, many of us can look forward to cosy nights snuggled up by our fireplaces under a warm blanket.

Now’s the time to declutter the dusty mantlepiece and invest in some new home decor. Read on for some fireplace decorating tips that will transform your fireplace into the striking focal point of any room.

Shelve books

Showcase your favourite literature by arranging books across your mantel. Invest in some staple book ends to highlight your collection.

Hang a print or portrait

Enhance the position of your fireplace as the focal point in a room by hanging a print or painting above it. Whether it’s your favourite painting or a print selected specifically to accentuate your fireplace, positioning artwork above your mantel is a certified way to revamp your living space.

Accessorise with bright colours

Cheer up your drab winter’s day by incorporating bright, statement art prints and colourful decorations into the area surrounding your fireplace.

Group accessories together

Experiment with coordinating different items and accessories. A mirror, a vase, an ornament, a birthday card – work out what looks good and consider the vibe you want to set.

Showcase flowers

Your fireplace is the perfect place to exhibit flowers. Whether you want to show off the glorious lillies you received for your birthday or find a home for the lone rose you bought from a street seller in town, you can convert your mantel into a floral paradise.

Add houseplants and greenery

Go all out with the greenery by positioning a variety of houseplants on the mantel and the encompassing area. Bring nature to you by surrounding your indoor environment with a host of monstera plants and cacti.

Exhibit your family photographs

Display your favourite memories across your mantelpiece with an array of framed photos.

Include seasonal decorations

Whether it’s a string of Christmas lights and some stockings or a decorated Easter tree, adding a touch of seasonal charm will bring warmth to any home.

Light up your fireplace with candles and fairy lights

Illuminate your fireplace in the evening with an assortment of candles and tealights. If you want to add an additional touch, hang up fairy lights to brighten your room.

Just add a TV

Your fireplace can be a prime location to position your TV. After all, there’s no better place to watch your favourite shows than in front of a crackling fire.

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