Fireguards To Frets: Varied Accessories For Your Fireplace

When redesigning your home, or moving into a new property, there are many additions and details you can focus on to truly mark the place as your own. Whether you have a specific furniture set in mind, ornaments and statues, or even a significant picture or canvas, personal touches are crucial. Serving the dual-purpose of heating rooms as well as adding to the overall appearance of a sitting room or lounge area, gas, electric and unique wall-mounted fireplaces are a fantastic addition.

If you’re looking to personalise things even more, Fireplaces and Furnishings Direct Ltd provide plenty of corresponding accessories, which you can discover below.

Unique Designs

Brilliant as either a corner feature or centrepiece of your interior, Stockport’s leading fireplace provider are able to cater to rooms both spacious and quaint. Hole in the wall fireplaces are one option, fitting neatly into a designated space and functioning as a reliable accompaniment for the colder months. Likewise, branded fireplaces from the likes of Dimplex, Gazco and Legend maintain recognisable quality, with open flame designs and popular energy-efficient favourites.

Back Panels

Though in simple terms, a fireplace back panel essentially fills the space between the fireplace opening and surround, the right choice can correspond nicely with a basic design. Fireplaces and Furnishings Direct stock plenty of coloured back panel options, compatible with both electric and gas fires. Make the most of wall space with a visually pleasing accompaniment to the main fire.


Fireguards aren’t simply a desirable accessory – they can be an essential addition for households with young children or curious pets. Protecting individuals from the harmful flames of an open fire, rectangular guards and bow screens are a subtle and satisfactory feature, with the Deville Pewter design a particular highlight.


Fireplace frets are decorative furnishings used on the openings of small fireplaces. Designed to suit all manner of fireplace styles and openings, a fret is a minor yet noticeable addition to an electric or gas fire. At Fireplaces and Furnishings Direct, we stock the popular Aviva Fret – available in several different coloured finishes to suit your individual design preferences.


Paint requires no explanation, however our selection of stove paint and temperature-resistant paints are specially mixed to remain intact on any heated surface.Perfect for fireplaces, barbecues and more, we stock colour choices for even the quirkiest of room designs, with Chesneys Stove Paint offering crucial choice.

Having a fireplace installed will yield plenty of benefits, not only adding value to your premises, but also potentially bringing your energy bills down. For modern, aesthetically pleasing fireplaces and accessories, Fireplaces and Furnishings Direct Ltd are the providers to trust. Contact us today for reliable, affordable and safe fireplaces in the Stockport area.