How To Choose The Right Fireplaces And Stoves For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Fireplaces And Stoves For Your Home

There is sure to be plenty of excitement during the process of renovating or designing a new family home, with a varied selection of products, interior trends and unique ideas to consider. Absolute essentials within the domestic setting such as fireplaces and stoves can be both stylish and functional, with appliances available in a range of materials and practical uses. If you’re in need of a brand new contemporary marble fireplace, or a traditional wood burning stove for everyday use, you’re certainly in capable hands with Fireplace And Furnishings Direct Ltd. The leading fireplace and stove store in the Wilmslow and Cheshire area, you can discover live displays at our showroom and get expert advice from our passionate team. Providing a diverse selection of fireplaces, stoves and other items for your property, continue reading to explore your options further.

Benefits Of Functional Appliances

Accounting for the appliances we use regularly within our daily routine, a faulty or broken fireplace, stove or utility can cause far more inconvenience than it’s worth. Potentially leaving your loved ones without a cosy and warm area to relax in during the evening, the absence of a functional stove fireplace may also leave your living area looking surprisingly bare. The glow of a new fireplace will relax the entire family, marking a welcoming gathering spot for those close to you. It’s easy to see how adding a fireplace can also seamlessly increase your home’s value, with fireplaces a desirable addition for individuals on the property market. Completing a room by adding a new bespoke fireplace will really fulfil the aesthetic that you’re aiming for.

Wood, Electric Or Gas?

Fireplaces and stoves are predominantly found as wood, electric or gas models. Each providing tangible and unique benefits for the property owner, the fireplace you choose is likely to depend on your needs, property details and personal circumstances. Further information on these specific types can be found below:

Wood Fireplaces

A wood fireplace or wood burning stove fireplace is the closest alternative to a traditional open fire. Many homes which utilise wood fireplaces will also make use of other heating types, meaning that these properties are not as reliant on the burning of wood to provide a comfortable environment. Wood fireplaces are often the most aesthetically pleasing within a home, and maintain a grand appearance within the domestic space. Wood fireplaces remain an energy-efficient option and may be the ideal selection for those with an interest in traditional home design principles.

Electric Fireplaces

A modern alternative to the classic home heating methods, electric fireplaces are cost-effective, flexible and easier to maintain than wood and gas fires. Electric fires are 100% energy efficient, as all of the produced electrical energy is converted into heat. Some models can even be operated by remote control, allowing you to sit back and relax as your home is heated. An electric fireplace could be the solution if your room is smaller or if space is limited by other objects, as these appliances come in diverse sizes and shapes.

Gas Fireplace

Using gas to heat your home is cheaper than electricity, and removes the inconvenience of buying and storing logs. As well as being efficient, a gas fireplace won’t necessarily require you to have a chimney either. You can buy balanced flue fires, which are vented through an external wall, or even flueless models for additional convenience. Gas fires often appear more authentic than the electric type, maintaining a desirable appearance within the home setting. Fireplace And Furnishings Direct Ltd stock all manner of gas indoor fireplaces which vary from attractive, modern and traditional in appearance.

Chimney Requirements

Modern properties and apartments will often lack a chimney, and although you may believe that this limits your choice of fireplace to invest in, almost all electric fireplaces and many gas variants will be completely functional without one. Electric indoor fireplaces don’t require a source of ventilation and can be installed anywhere with a main electricity supply, proving to be a versatile option within properties large and small. If you aren’t keen on building work to be carried out on your premises, there are plenty of solutions in this instance.

Traditional And Contemporary Designs

Your choice of fireplace may rest entirely on appearances, as a fireplace can act as an attractive feature when paired with furniture, other appliances and a well thought-out colour scheme. Traditional designs will often involve larger expansive window areas, wide bases and striking design features, while contemporary models will make the most of the modern appearance, with incredible flame realism within electric models, designs that can fit into slender spaces to save room, and app integration. Whichever appearance you prefer, there is bound to be an ideal alternative to the bland heating solutions of yesteryear.

Hearths And Back Panels

Hearths and back panels can be fitted to fireplaces not only to enhance the appearance but also to serve a practical purpose. Without a back panel in place, you would simply be exposed to the bare wall between a fireplace opening and the surround, leaving your brand new fireplace looking rather unfinished and unappealing. The fireplace hearth is equally as important within the overall design, often providing detail which can correspond and contrast with the primary colour scheme or pattern. Choosing a fireplace initially with an appealing hearth and back panel is recommended to avoid the rather complex process of deconstructing an existing fireplace.

A Selection Of Our Products

With all of the prior factors in mind, you should have a better idea of the desirable features your dream fireplace will include. The right fireplace can create an inviting space for you to relax in. As one of the leading fireplace providers in Stockport, Fireplace And Furnishings Direct Ltd has a range of fireplace options:

Gazco Studio 3 Glass Fronted Gas Fire

The Studio 3 is the largest size in Gazco’s Studio range and can be accompanied by a choice of linings and fuel effects to suit both quaint and vast interiors. Heat output of up to 8400 watts and an efficiency of 92% are desirable, while the modern design and programmable thermostatic remote control are used for various functions.

Stovax Vogue Midi T Stove

The Midi T is a wood burning stove which can be installed with a convenient log store base for practical fuel storage and increased height. Aesthetically pleasing and ecodesign ready, this 80% efficiency appliance accompanies a heat shield kit and external air combustion unit, while wall-mounted and midline bases can be added with ease.

Dru Passo Eco Wave Gas Stove

This modern gas fire can be operated with a remote control or through a smartphone device, with optional Nero, Titan, Pearl, Turquoise, White or Light Grey finishes making the design highly adaptable and customisable. Efficiency of 93% makes this unique and contemporary household heating solution an outstanding candidate in 2022. The craftsmanship exhibited within the exterior of this product means that a stunning 180 degree view of the fire is to be expected.

Fireplace And Furnishings Direct Ltd: Purchase Your Free Standing Electric Fireplace Or Flueless Gas Stove

At Fireplace And Furnishings Direct Ltd, we can help you to find the ideal fireplace for you and your property in no time at all. When you visit our local showroom in Cheadle Hulme, our experts will use their knowledge to help you decide upon the perfect addition to your home, offering practical advice and tailored tips. Would you like a room-size calculation to ensure you’ve found the correct size fireplace or appliance? We can help with this too.  If you’re searching for quality designs in Stockport, look no further than us. With an expansive product range available to view both online and in our showroom, there’s plenty to choose from to complete your new-look home.

Recommended not only for our selection of new products, but for providing a number of tailored services, you can rely on us for safety inspections, professional servicing, reliable repairs, gas line connections and chimney cleaning. Always attempting to grow our collection of fireplaces and stoves to accommodate the latest trends, we endeavour to always have something perfect for your home. Whether you require a stove fireplace, bespoke indoor fireplace repair or contemporary electric fireplace, leave it to us. Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any queries about the services we offer.