Some Steps To Opening Up a Hidden Fireplace

Some Steps To Opening Up a Hidden Fireplace

When renovating a property, you might stumble across a hidden fireplace which you want to open up and get started up again. Although fireplaces do take a bit of work and maintenance to keep them in operation, they can greatly improve the look and feel of your property. Here, we provide some of the steps you’ll need to know when opening up a hidden fireplace.

Uncovering The Fireplace

Any property which has a standard chimney breast which has been covered over will have a chimney hidden inside. If you want to open it up, look through the vent at the bottom of the chimney breast to see the condition of the chimney. They are usually covered with plasterboard but can also be covered by timber or brick.

Before you start the process, cover everything with dust sheets and then remove the skirting boards around the breast. If the coverage has been completed with plasterboard, you can use a crowbar to prise it from the wall. If it’s been covered with brick, you should use a hammer a chisel. Always start from the area near the vent and take your time!

Have a Professional Look Over The Fireplace

There was a time when fireplaces were covered up and smoothed over across the country to make homes more modern. That time seems to have ended, with fireplaces back in vogue. These fireplace cover-ups have been completed at different levels of quality, which means that you should have a professional look over the fireplace, once you’ve opened it out, to ascertain the state it is in. You may require a smoke test, an examination of the flue, the masonry and the chimney to ensure it is safe for use once opened up..

Other Repair Work Which Will Be Required

At the very least, you will certainly need the chimney swept for your uncovered fireplace to be operational. If the chimney has been sealed off at the top, then you’ll also need this to be reopened so that the fireplace can be used.

Once all of the necessary work has been completed, come and visit us at the Fireplace Superstore and we’d be happy to talk you through fireplace options to transform the room.

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