Determining The Best Position For A Fireplace

With a large variety of fireplace options and materials out there, they can be installed in virtually any interior or exterior space. It is not always easy to know where the best option is for positioning a fireplace is in your home, as your interior decor choices may change over time. Depending on whether you want your fireplace purely for aesthetic appeal or you also require it to provide the functional value of heating your home, can also affect the placement of your fireplace. Here are some options for where you can place your fireplace which may help you decide which is the right option for your home.

Centrally Located

For functional fireplaces designed to heat up a room, the best choice is a centrally located fireplace. A contemporary approach is to create a dramatic feature wall with the fireplace in the centre of a room, which is useful for dividing up an open plan space. This is also effective if the fireplace can be seen from both sides.

Freestanding Fireplaces

Log burners or wood-burning stoves not only look great, they are also effective as a freestanding heating solution almost anywhere in the room, as they radiate heat from the back and the sides as well as the front.

Floating Fireplaces

These are usually suspended from the roof, giving an ultra modern feel to a room. Many models can be rotated, allowing flexibility in the placement of furniture and decoration. They do not require a base, although it is advisable that a fireproof mat is placed underneath in the event that hot debris should fall from the fireplace.

Wall Fireplaces

You may have an existing chimney breast or hearth, saving you time and money having to install a chimney to ensure the fireplace works properly. If not, it is possible to have them installed in certain rooms, but there are many options available which do not require the installation of a chimney. A wall fireplace is most effective for cosier rooms, although in larger rooms it is possible to have a model of fireplace installed that redirects heat into the room via a fan-forced heater.

Fireplace & Furnishings: Fireplace & Chimney Installation In Cheshire

Where to place your fireplace will depend on the size, shape and building structure of your home. If you would like to move, replace or install a brand new fireplace, it is recommended to seek the guidance of professionals. At Fireplace & Furnishings, we offer help with all stages of the process, from planning to installation, we can even help you choose the perfect accessories to go with it. Get in touch with our friendly team if you would like to learn more.