What to Look for in a Wood Burning Stove

Wood stoves may seem like a thing of the past, now that we have electric and gas stoves that can take their place. However, there’s nothing like a crackling fire to keep your home warm and you can burn wood even when the energy is out.

What should you look for when choosing a wood burning stove? There are a few things:

Size of the Stove

The stove size will determine how much space it can heat and where it can be placed. In most cases, you will heat anywhere from 1,000-3,000 square feet with a single stove, depending on the size. Ask about the expected amount of heat when you’re ready to buy.

Don’t worry though, even relatively small stoves can be quite warm if they are efficiently built.

Blowers Included

Some stoves include a blower, which is just a fan to help distribute the heat. Heat naturally tends to rise straight up, which is fine if you have a two floor home, but it prevents areas further from the stove getting warm. A blower will enhance the heating ability of any stove by spreading the heat around and letting it warm more than the immediate space.

Blowers may be just a fan, or they can include a variety of modes or speeds to suit your preferences and space.

Safety Features

Of course, burning wood in your home comes with some risks, so you should be aware of potential problems before you buy. Stoves should offer some safety features, such as being designed to burn efficiently with minimal smoke.

Some stoves include a fresh air kit that is designed to pull in fresh air that will help feed the fire. These are essential in small homes to prevent the backup of carbon monoxide. You may also choose to have a sensor that checks oxygen levels within the room. You should always have a carbon monoxide alarm, as well, though this doesn’t come with the stove.

Wood burning stoves can create a cosy environment and are a wonderful addition to any home. Check that the local regulations allow for wood burning in your home before purchasing a stove, then look for one that is the right size and efficiency for your space.

If in doubt, you can always ask the seller for a helping hand. For example, at Fireplace Superstore, we are always available to help you choose the best wood burning stove for your particular needs.