The Benefits of a Bioethanol Fireplace

The idyllic image of sitting around a warm fireplace with your family on a cold winter evening with dinner is like something taken from a film or a TV advert, however, for many, it’s not a reality.

Many homes aren’t suitable for flues which makes it impossible for traditional fireplaces to be installed. However, there are new types of fires which can give you the beauty of real flames without the flue: bioethanol fires.

The Fireplaces are Completely Flueless

The most significant feature of bioethanol fireplaces is that they do not require a flue as they don’t create smoke, soot or ash. They also require very little installation so can be placed in a number of areas around the home with very little trouble. Their flueless nature means that they can be attached to the wall or freestanding in the middle of a room.

They’re Energy Efficient

Because these fires don’t use chimneys, no heat can escape from the room which makes them 100% energy efficient. The liquid fuel used for these fireplaces is created with biological products like sugar and starch which give off clean emissions and are renewable. So, if you try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle but you still want to enjoy a fireplace, bioethanol is certainly the best option to go for.

You Can Have a Real Fire

Unlike electric fires, bioethanol fireplaces produce real fire for you to enjoy with your family. You’ll be able to watch real flames flicker from the comfort of your own home without relying on energy from the grid and without worrying on your impact on the environment.

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