Stylish Fireplace Trends for 2019

If you’re lucky enough to own a fireplace then you’ll know that it can provide a stylish focus point to any room, as well as a way to keep your home cosy when the temperatures drop. Fireplaces can vary greatly in material and style, from sleek modern fireplaces to grand marble surrounds or a traditional tiled fireplace. Whatever your style, there are many eye catching trends that have emerged this year so there’s bound to be something to suit every taste. For more information about the hottest fireplace trends of 2019, see below for our brief roundup.

Eco friendly fireplaces

More and more people are choosing eco friendly options nowadays, and this respect for the environment can extend to your choice of fireplace too. There are design options such as using reclaimed timber for the surround or fireplace shelf, and eco-friendly fuel choices such as bioethanol. A bioethanol fireplace does not need to be connected to a chimney or fuel source, making it a great option for smaller homes or flats, and it’s a greener alternative to other fuels such as gas or wood burning.

Big and bold

Big, bold fireplaces that really make a statement are a growing trend this year, with traditional fireplaces growing in size and taking on a squarer shape. A large fireplace really makes an impact, and creates a strong focal point for your living room. Try choosing a sleek minimalist style, and let the size speak for itself.

Different coloured marble

Traditional white marble never goes out of style, but for a modern look consider more unusual colours of marble for your fireplace, such as black, pink, or a speckled pattern. Coloured marble fireplaces can be minimal or elaborately carved, and some can even add brightly coloured accents like Princess Blue marble. Choosing a different coloured marble for an otherwise traditional fireplace offers the best of both worlds, creating an antique look with a modern twist.

Outdoor fireplaces

Fireplaces are no longer exclusive to the interior of your home, with fireplaces in the garden or patio growing in popularity. Gas and ethanol fireplaces are both suitable for outdoor use, and there’s a range of options available, from a freestanding fireplace to a fire pit or an insert fireplace in a stone wall. An outdoor fireplace can bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your garden, allowing you to stay comfortable at night when the sun goes down, having a focal point to gather around with friends, or even toast marshmallows for a camping vibe.

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