The benefits of electric fireplaces

When you think of fires in the home, the first image that springs to mind is likely to be a roaring wood burner with a pile of freshly chopped logs ready to fuel it through the night. As beautiful and as popular as these are, some of us simply don’t have the time to spend chopping wood to heat our homes.

That’s why electric fireplaces have continued to grow in popularity over the years, providing a stylish yet convenient alternative to the traditional fireplace. Could an electric fireplace be the right pick for you? Here we discuss the benefits of having one in the home.

They’re stylish

As electric fireplaces don’t need to be attached to a chimney in the same way as a wood burner, they’re both versatile and stylish. You can choose from a range of models, from inset or outset, wall hung or suite-style, making them a great choice for all homes and even businesses. Whatever the style of your room or your budget, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect electric fire for you.

They’re convenient

Not only can you enjoy the versatility of an electric fireplace, but you can also enjoy the convenience. If you have time to spend chopping logs and getting a fire going – great! However, if you don’t, you can still enjoy the warmth and comfort of an in-house fire with an electric burner. All you need to do is flick a switch, sit back and relax!

They’re safe

If you have young children or pets running around, the thought of an open flame might be a little daunting. With an electric fireplace, however, you can enjoy the cosiness of a fire without having to worry about the threat of open flames, including the risk of burning yourself or causing damage to your property.

They’re environmentally friendly

In today’s society, where an emphasis has been put on how we can each do our bit for the planet, it’s no surprise that homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes greener. By installing an electric fireplace, you can heat your home while saving energy – bonus! With a fireplace, you can choose to heat only one room at a time, rather than heating your entire home – a great way to reduce your energy usage.

At Fireplace Superstore, we’re proud to sell a wide range of electric fireplaces to our valued customers in Cheshire and beyond. Each of our fireplaces balance style and function perfectly, making them an ideal investment for any home or commercial building. In addition to our range of electric fires, we also supply and install gas and solid fuel fireplaces, as well as gorgeous beams, hearths and mirrors. Make your home your own with a beautiful fireplace from Fireplace Superstore.

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