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Trust the Experts at Fireplace Superstore to Disconnect Your Gas Fire

If you’re no longer impressed with your fireplace’s appearance or want to replace the current system in your new home, you’ll need professional help. You can’t simply tear out a fireplace that’s connected to the gas grid because doing so could cause a leak or extensive damage to your home. Fortunately, thanks to the services offered by our qualified engineers, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg just to disconnect your gas fire in Stockport.

At Fireplace Superstore, we’re Stockport’s leading supplier and installer of modern, efficient and safe gas fires, but our services extend far beyond that. We also offer safety inspections and professional servicing, and we’re more than capable of safely removing the existing gas fire from your home. Whether you want to replace your fireplace with a better system or get rid of it altogether, there’s no better company to call than Fireplace Superstore.

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While we’re working on your gas disconnection, we’ll also check your home and chimney for any signs of damage. This not only keeps you and your property safe, but allows us to make recommendations that will benefit your finances in the long run. We can also give advice on how to best repair the damage if you’d like to install a new fireplace, or our expert team are on hand to carry out the repairs for you.

If you’re looking for a replacement fire, check out the extensive range of fireplaces at our Stockport showroom. We’re proud to stock over 150 display gas stoves and woodburners, so you’re bound to find the right fit for your home. We also offer highly competitive prices, so you can be sure that your new fireplace is both stylish and affordable. Visit our showroom today for all your fireplace and gas connection needs in Stockport.

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A new fireplace could help minimise your running costs and maintenance requirements while improving your home’s appearance and safety. If you need professional help to disconnect your gas fire in Stockport or install a new one, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0161 488 4991.



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