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5 No-Nonsense Questions to Ask a Fireplace Salesperson

 by fireplacesuperstore on 24 Sep 2016 |
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Heading into our fireplace superstore? If so, we recommend doing a bit of homework before you do. We know what you’re thinking, “homework to go fireplace shopping?” the answer is yes.

When you’re looking for a fireplace for sale there are countless options. From the modern fireplace to the marble fireplace surround, we have every unit imaginable. Here’s a few questions you should consider asking our fireplace salesperson when you shop at our store.

Question #1. What material is best for my climate?

Depending on where you reside in the UK, the material you select for your fireplace could determine its longevity. Another factor in selecting the right material is the style of your home. For example, will a marble fireplace surround work well with the stone title you have in your living room. Asking questions like this can save you heartache in the long run.

Question #2. Are high-dollar fireplace brands really worth it?

Another question that pops up from time to time is, is it really worth it to spend big on a fireplace? Often, when you choose a modern fireplace for your home you end up with little more than an appliance. It’s good practice to ask your fireplaces salesperson if spending bigger really equals greater value. In some cases, you can find an affordable unit that does an even better job than an expensive brand.

Question #3. Based on the size of my home, do I need a fireplace to keep it warm?

If you have a small loft, there is a good change a fireplace is more of a luxury than a necessity. Equally, you may want to ask about how many rooms you can expect to keep warm with a single unit.

Question #4. What fireplace brands are the best?

Sometimes we forget that affordability and quality come down to brands. Ask your salesperson what the top selling brands are and which ones are their favorites before making a decision.

Question #5. Gas, electric or wood-burning, which is best?

If you’re looking for the best fireplace for sale, you are likely aware that gas, electric and wood-burning are your top options. To make the right decision you should factor in your climate, affordability, and the age and style of your home.

Come shop with us at the Fireplace Superstore, and find the perfect electric, gas, or modern fireplace for your home. 


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